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Remote Interpretation Solutions

​​A cloud-based platform for remote simultaneous interpreting at conferences and similar events.

Our remote interpretation service exploits the potential of modern technology to make interpreting services easier to handle, more affordable and flexible. Allowing interpreters to work from any location, not just in the venue. Allows delegates at events to connect using their smartphones, tablets or laptops and listen to interpreters. ​The platform can be accessed via mobile app or Firefox/Chrome browser. Connect with a mobile app downloaded for free for both iOS and Android devices. The platform also enables the audience and the speakers to participate remotely in conferences and similar events. 

Benefits of Remote Interpretation

Offering clients a fully integrated interpreting service by providing technical support and all other equipment required.
​New opportunities now exist to provide interpretation for smaller groups, workshops, seminars and smaller conferences with 10-20 delegates, a segment that, until now, has not used interpreting services due to the high costs involved.
​When an event is held overseas, interpreters may work from our booths located in one of our regional offices without needing to travel to the event location. 
​Provide Interpretation at venues where there is no space for extra booths or at difficult to reach locations. 
​As no travelling is required, provide interpretation for those events where additional languages are required, for short assignments or at short notice events. 


​Interpreters don’t need to be present at the conference venue, they can work from anywhere. You can eliminate the travelling and accommodation costs of interpreters, and the time and resources for the installation of booths. Certified interpreters can be provided by our partners, leading interpreting agencies from all over the world.

​You may also use your own interpreters, without having to transfer them to the event location. Interpreters can also work from booths when providing interpreting services for events overseas. Unlimited number of interpreters, some on-site, some remote, can work together in parallel, also at venues where space is not sufficient for many booths. Interpreters hear the speakers over VoIP and watch the conference via webcam. 


 ​The presenter can speak into a microphone connected to the local audio system.

​At small meetings, the speakers may talk into a microphone connected directly to our platform.

​The speakers can participate remotely by being streamed to the audience using our platform.


​Participants may use their smartphones, tablets and/or laptops via Wi-Fi or mobile data networks to listen to the human interpreters working in real time.

​Participants may also use traditional headsets with standard IR Receivers. Participants can follow the session remotely if they cannot attend the event in person. 

New Possibilities

Technical Setup and Specifications

Cloud Bases Solution (Remote Everything)

Hybrid 1 (Traditional + Remote Interpreters)

Hybrid 2 (Traditional + Interpreters in Offsite Booths)

Use Case 1 (Board Meetings)

Use Case 2 (Small Meetings)

Use Case 3 (Seminars/Workshops)

Use Case 4 (Panel Discussion)

Use Case 5 (Presenter Onsite or Offsite)

Privacy and Security