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Remote Simultaneous Translation

The premier multilingual event solution

Simultaneous Translation is the best way to truly engage delegates from a variety of language backgrounds. Speech audio is translated by professional interpreters in real-time into any language of your choice, streamlining and enhancing the experience for delegates and speakers.


What is Remote Simultaneous Translation?

Remote Simultaneous Translation makes it simple to translate spoken audio into the language of your choice in real-time. It connects professional conference-level interpreters to your event or meeting from anywhere in the world. The real-time translation audio is then streamed to onsite or online delegates through our Remote Simultaneous Translation Platform or through your preferred streaming or virtual events platform.

​Our proven step-by-step approach to simultaneous translation gives you complete clarity at every stage of the process. Our production team will make the process simple and easy to understand by work closely with you to create the perfect Remote Simultaneous Translation solution. Watch the video to learn more about how the solution works.

Organisations and brands from around the world love our Remote Translation Solutions

What makes Congress Rental's Remote Translation Solution different?


World-class Interpreters

We work with a global network of professional simultaneous translators making it simple for you to find the ones that match your needs and budget.


Professional Services

Our experienced technical producers provide customiseable levels of production and management services for your event's language integrations.


Hardware & Software

All of our solutions use industry-leading hardware and software to ensure you are streaming the highest quality audio and video possible to delegates.




Our step-by-step approach to remote simultaneous translation has been tried, tested and proven by industry leading organisations and small businesses worldwide.


What are the benefits of Remote Simultaneous Translation?


Easy Integration

We can incorporate interpretation into any style of meeting or event, using any streaming or conferencing platform.


Global Reach

Bring your event to delegates from all corners of the world in any language.


Cost Efficient

Save on travel and logistic costs for interpreters and delegates alike.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platforms

You need more than just a remote interpretation platform. you need expertise to ensure that the language interpretation service is of the highest quality. The key elements are:


Professional interpreter services – Access to a worldwide pool of high-quality, conference level interpreters.


Remote interpreters that are trained, trained, configured, checked, and tested.​​


A Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Platform that is reliable and stable with many satisfied customers.​​


Professional engineers with experience in Simultaneous Interpretation platforms and technology.


A Remote Simultaneous Interpretation mobile app that is available on both Google Play and the Apple app store.


A company to partner with that provides a complete range of solutions including cloud-based, hardware-based, and hybrid interpretation solutions.


​​​A remote interpretation platform that can be integrated with all video conferencing solutions, including Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft, Goto and Google.​

If you require remote interpretation added to your live or virtual event, we are your best choice thanks to our deep knowledge and expertise in Simultaneous Interpretation equipment in general and Remote Simultaneous Interpretation in particular.

Why clients love working with us

- Steven Chown, President of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

How we make it simple for you to add Remote Simultaneous Interpretation to your event:

1. We'll ask you what language combinations you need.

2. We'll ask you for more details about your event (i.e. duration, preferred platform(s), meeting/event topic...)

3. We work with you to create a solution based on your requirements.

Enjoy the benefits of having a single point of contact for all of your language needs. Complete the form to get started now.

The Congress Simultaneous Interpretation App​

  • Delegates can listen to interpretation via the app on their smartphone or on a laptop using our Congress i-remote interpreting software


  • The app is available on both iOS and Android and is free to download


  • Delegates access the app using the unique event code 

simultaneous interpretation app

Case Study

technical team overseeing event

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation - Case Study

  • ​Created a more engaging experience for an audience with four native languages.

  • All simultaneous interpreters were working from their home country, through the Congress Rental Remote Interpretation Platform.

  • Our expert technicians installed the solution and provided onsite and remote support to all remote interpreters and the onsite event team.

  • Interpretation was streamed to 1000 people through a hybrid FM solution in the venue.

  • All off-site delegates connected using the simultaneous interpretation app on their smartphone.

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