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Infrared thermal vision temperature screening camera system

Temperature Screening

Infrared Thermal Imaging Solutions

Essentials for Accurate Fever Screening

  • Accurate to within ±0.3°C ✓

  • Easy-to-use interface ✓

  • Systematic and repeatable process ✓

  • Allows uninterrupted pedestrian traffic flows ✓

  • Provides visual and audible alerts ✓

  • Uses a black-body temperature reference source ✓

Thermal camera detecting temperatures

It's critical to detect early health warnings in the current climate.

To start preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, get in touch now.

What is Infrared Temperature Screening?

Infrared Temperature Screening is the ideal method for conducting preliminary screening safely, effectively, and efficiently for COVID-19 and similar virus outbreaks. Our solution provides a non-invasive process that can accurately assess the body temperature of delegates or personnel at safe distances and instantly alerts when fever-like temperatures are recorded. This allows fast and precise fever detection and ensures the health and safety of everyone entering a building or venue. After extensive research and evaluation, we have found the solution that meets the high Congress Rental standards, to cover a wide range of applications and needs.


Benefits of Infrared Temperature Screening

Non invasive


A long range of up to 4.5m gives the ability to assess a person's temperature without contact, even while they are wearing a mask.



Our thermal camera scans people as they walk past at a rate of up to 30 people per second so there is no need to queue.

Risk reduction

Risk Reduction

Reduce the risk of spreading infections and maintain proper social distancing between individuals during COVID-19 and other virus outbreaks.

Facial regonition


Accurate to within ±0.3°C  at long ranges through the use of a black-body, which provides a constant reference point for comparison.

Infrared fever screening for every scenario

Fast and effective way to protect your delegates

  • Reassure delegates their safety and comfort are a top priority

  • Fast deployment as a portable/mobile solution.

  • High-speed screening to eliminate queues

  • Screening attendees before entering the venue reduces risk for staff and organisers

  • Facial recognition capabilities

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