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Advanced Thermal Vision Security Screening

Thermal Cameras for Fever Detection

Required Components

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Blackbody 

  • 16-channel NVR


Recommended Optional Accessories

  • ​Tripod (x2)

  • Bracket (x2)

  • Full HD Monitor


Additional Features

  • ​Full service options including setup, testing and operators for short-term hires

  • Capapbility to add facial recognition to detect and identify unauthorised people trying to enter the premises.


How does it work?

  • A thermal imaging camera captures a live feed of people passing through the camera's field of view.

  • The camera measures and displays the temperatures of the individuals.

  • An external unit known as a black-body provides a constant reference temperature allowing for highly accurate results.

  • If a high body temperatures is detected, the individual should remain in an isolation area for 10 minutes to cool down and wait for re-testing.

  • If the subsequent temperature remains high, individuals should go home to isolate and seek medical advice.

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