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Bosch Multimedia Conference Microphone System

The best Multimedia Conference Microphone System for content-driven meeting and events

DCN multimedia is designed to impress both presenters and delegates, not only with its elegant design and excellent ergonomics, but also with its extremely high sound quality. The system integrates audio, video and meeting content with internet access in one single system. Emphasis has been placed on putting people and their content at the core of the system, increasing presentation effectiveness and enhancing interaction between people.

multimedia conference microphone system

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Our DCN multimedia conference room table microphone is a revolutionary conference microphone system that integrates audio, video and meeting content with internet access in one single system and is based on the unique IP-based OMNEO media networking technology developed by Bosch.

​Documents can be shared, presentations retrieved and displayed, and the Internet accessed using multimedia conference devices with high-resolution capacitive touch-screens. This makes it easier for people to convey their message, to get their story across, to explain and convince.

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Complete Multimedia Conference Microphone Systems

Bosch DCN Multimedia Microphone

DCN Multimedia Device

  • 7" capacitive touchscreen

  • Unobtrusive pluggable microphone

  • Built‑in two‑way loudspeaker

  • Video, meeting content and internet access.

  • Add functionality via software and 3rd party custom apps.

Bosch DCN High Direction Microphone

DCN Multimedia High Direction Microphone

  • Discrete microphone for user convenience

  • High directive response

  • Not susceptible to mobile phone interference

  • Ultra low noise

  • Freedom of movement

Bosch DCN Multimedia Stem Microphone

DCN Multimedia Stem Microphone

  • Uni‑directional microphone on adjustable stem

  • Built‑in pop filter and windshield

  • Not susceptible to mobile phone interference

  • For acoustically challenging rooms

  • For locations where people want to speak standing upright

Bosch DCN Audio Power Switch

DCN Multimedia Audio Powering Switch

  • Zero network configuration

  • Fully compatible to the Ethernet (IEEE802.3) and OMNEO standard

  • Supports loop‑through connection with cable redundancy

  • Acoustic feedback suppression, echo cancellation and equalizer

  • Standby mode to be environment friendly

Bosch multimedia server software

DCN Multimedia System Server Software

  • Automatic device discovery

  • Controls up to 750 multimedia devices

  • Client server solution

  • No user interaction needed to run the system

  • Automatic seat creation and assignment

person using laptop for webcast

DCN multimedia Webcast Application

  • Broadcast meetings live over the internet

  • Record live meeting

  • Publish recorded meeting online

  • Add PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Links, Polls and Surveys to agenda items, geographical data

  • Export recorded meetings to DVD or to an intranet site

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