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Hearing Loop with Receiver

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​​The personal hearing loop system is a wireless, portable digital audio system for t-coil hearing aids. It is also known as an Induction Loop System. 

Cost Effective 
Our neck loop eliminates the time and labour costs of traditional hearing loops, requiring a long cable around the perimeter of the room. Delegates are quickly connected to the system and clients only pay for the devices they need. 

Easy to Set Up and Use
The set-up is simple, users place the loop around their neck, plug in the device and audio is instantly delivered to their hearing aid. This portable solution is very lightweight enabling delegates to move around as they please. 

This system is ideal for events of all sizes with any number of delegates. The device is perfect for conferences, factory tours, museum tours, city tours and even individual use.

How It Works
The personal hearing loop is a wireless, portable audio transmission system, in which clear digital audio is fed through a transmitter unit connected to the audio desk at the venue and sent over 2.4GHz frequency to the receiver units. The receiver units are connected to the induction hearing loop around the user’s neck. The delegate receives a direct feed to their assistive listening device. The system is similar to the tour guide solution - using a transmitter and receivers. 

This device is compatible with ‘T-coil’ hearing aids only.

Rent Our Personal Hearing Loops
Our loops can be hired for individual purposes, or for events of any size.

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