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FM Transmission

​There are situations where an FM solution is applicable for Interpretation Equipment / Translation Equipment. These are:

  • A very large coverage area

  • A very large quantity of receivers is required

  • Audio quality for delegates is not so important

Our booths and electronics will interface with our FM transmitters. We have a number of transmitter power outputs.

There are a number of considerations that make FM solutions unique.

  • A licence is required from the government to grant the use of frequencies that are required. This process is onerous and not straight forward, but essential, since transmitting without a licence attracts fines of $100,000+

  • The receivers are manufactured to order, so lead times and minimum order quantities need to be considered. These MUST be bought by the client. We do not rent FM receivers.

  • Receivers can be branded with the clients brand and are usually given away as a conference gift.

FM Receiver
FM Receiver

Interested in a more superior solution? Our Infrared Equipment produces high-quality crystal clear audio, using a complete Bosch system.

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