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ICANN 64 Japan 2019


Congress Rental coordinates with CRN partner for ICANN64

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for ensuring a stable, secure and unified global Internet. Global participation is encouraged and rotated between continents, with the first meeting of the 2019 calendar year in Kobe, Japan.

Congress Rental Australia connected with our Congress Rental Network (CRN) Japanese partner, Dorier Japan, for logistics and equipment support. This partnership ensured a perfect solution as Dorier Japan also utilises Bosch Equipment. ICANN Meeting 64 was held at the Kobe International Conference Centre from the 9th to the 14th of March. The event setup was over two ​days, with different sections being supported by Dorier Japan and Congress Rental Australia.

Congress Rental Australia

Congress Rental installed Bosch Interpretation Equipment and Audio Expanders within the main plenary and the three breakouts, to record the feeds for scribes and skype. The plenary, Portpial Hall, at the Portopia hotel, adjoins the Convention Centre. This area held six built-in interpretation booths owned by the hotel. Due to the outdated nature of the equipment the team had to remove the interpretation desks, to allow for the installation of Congress Rental’s Bosch interpreter desks.

Within the main plenary ICANN delegates required the interpretation of English <> French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, and Japanese. Breakout three was set up for the government advisory committee, fitted with six booths, audio expanders and receivers for the interpretation of English <> French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin and Portuguese. ​Breakouts five & six held interpreter booths, interpreter desks, a central control unit, digital transmitter and audio recording devices.

​Dorier Japan provided labour to install, operate and dismantle the equipment. In all areas, radiators were discreetly and neatly positioned to provide high-quality signal to the delegates listening to the interpretation through individual headsets. 

Dorier Japan

Dorier Japan supplied equipment and labour to support ICANN64 for two of the six break outs. As well as 1,100 digital receivers and three local technicians with great attention to detail and excellent attitude. Breakout two and three was installed, operated and dismantled by Dorier. These areas each had two interpreter booths for the languages of English <> French and Spanish.


The event was faultlessly and seamlessly executed because of the partnership between Congress Rental Australia and Dorier Japan. Due to the scale of the event, Congress equipment was freighted and delivered to Kobe, Japan. The delivery of our container to the Portopia hotel would have been a challenge if it was not for Naoki from Dorier and his knowledge of the ​seven loading docks at the hotel and convention centre.

Dorier Japan went the extra mile to guide and support our team throughout the entire event, particularly when language became a barrier to communication. For the rooms managed by the local team, Bosch Software was labelled in Japanese. When the Australian technicians were supporting these rooms, everything was familiar but navigating and configuring the system required a joint effort.

​Congress Rental’s joint partnerships with “Dorier Japan” resulted in a faultlessly executed job and cooperation with the client to provide a solution that could not have been done by either one individually. 

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