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Simultaneous Translation Booths

Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Congress Rental Simultaneous Interpretation Booths are soundproofed to ensure that delegates get clear, high quality interpretation audio from the interpreters

Singapore's Best Interpretation Booths For Any Meeting or Event

Creating the best Simultaneous Interpretation experience for your delegates starts with the right solution. Our Simultaneous Interpretation Booths are the only ones in Singapore that are truly ISO4043 compliant. Make sure your delegates experience clear, interference-free simultaneous translation audio through industry leading sound-proofing for your translators.

Simultaneous translation booth

Choose an Interpretation Booth solution that fits your needs

on-site simultaneous interpretation

On-site Installation


Hosting interpreters onsite ensures that your delegates get a stable, high-quality interpretation audio feed. Interpreters will be situated in the same room as the speakers, this gives them the ability to pick up on body language and contextual cues.

off-site simultaneous interpretation

​Off-Site Interpretation Hub


Off-site interpretation hubs are a great option when you need to host interpreters remotely. They allow Interpreters to work from a controlled and professionally managed hub with a secure internet connection, mitigating the common risks associated with remote work.

on-site simultaneous interpretation

On-Site Interpretation Hub


On-site interpretation hubs allow you to host interpreters at venues with limited floor space. The system works exactly the same as ordinary on-site installations however, interpreters are set up to work in a separate space at the same venue. 

Singapore's most trusted Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment providers


Our Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions bring crisp, digital-quality interpretation audio to delegates via a wireless, infrared connection. Our complete solutions deliver language being spoken on the floor to interpreters in sound-proof booths for instant interpretation. The interpretation is then broadcasted to delegates for a smoother multilingual experience, with minimal delay between the presenter speaking and the interpreted audio being heard.

We use only the best, industry-leading equipment, with top-class, end-to-end, production and services to match. Our producers work collaboratively with clients to tailor the best simultaneous  interpretation solution for their meeting or event.

​What is Simultaneous Interpretation and how does it work?

Simultaneous Interpretation (​also known as Simultaneous Translation) requires specialised conference interpreters who can interpret spoken word as it's being spoken. This reduces the time that delegates need to wait before being able to understand the speaker and preserves the flow of speech. There are three main steps in the Simultaneous Interpretation process supported by dedicated simultaneous interpretation equipment to ensure a high level of professionalism:

​Step 1: Floor Language is Spoken

The ‘floor language’, spoken by the guest speaker, conference lecturer or main presenter is transmitted wirelessly through the main microphone or ‘floor feed’ to the translation control room.

interpreter using Bosch Interpreter Desk

Step 2: Translators Listen

The control room is usually in a separate location in a soundproof interpretation / translation booth or sometimes at the back of the auditorium. From here, the interpreter or interpretation team listens to the content live as it is broadcast.

Step 3: Translation and Delivery

The content is concurrently replicated and translated by the translator/interpreter(s) and immediately spoken into a microphone in the Interpretation booth, which is delivered wirelessly to the corresponding audience members through infrared headsets. 

​Getting the best Simultaneous Interpretation Solution for your event is simple:

1. We'll ask you for details about your event (i.e. duration, languages required, number of participants...)

2. We work with you to create the best Simultaneous Interpretation solution for your requirements.

3. Your delegates get to enjoy seamless, high-quality language interpretation audio.

Enjoy the benefits of working with a professional team with a track-record of delivering outstanding Simultaneous Interpretation solutions. Complete the form to get started now.

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