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ITUGSR 2019: Vanuatu


Congress Rental supports ITUGSR Discussions

The Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-19) was organised by ITU in collaboration with the Government of Vanuatu. Discussions formed around Inclusive Connectivity, the Future of Regulation.

To facilitate this discussion, Congress Rental was called upon to supply, install, operate and bump out:
ISO-4043 Interpretation Booths
7 x 2 person booths
3 x 3 person booths
23 x Interpreter Consoles
430 x BOSCH Receivers
160 x BOSCH DICENTIS Wired Conference Microphones
80 x BOSCH NG Conference Microphones

Delegates in the main plenary used the DICENTIS Microphones to select and listen to their preferred language channel. We were able to work through various challenges. A short lead-time, last-minute changes to the plenary layout and, adding receivers to the head table. During set-up, we had a labour shortage, which resulted in the team on the ground working together to ensure everything was set up on time.

Interested in learning more about our Simultaneous Interpretation System? 

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