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JEWEL Changi Airport 2019


Audience response encourages delegates to become active participants, creating a relationship between the audience and the presenter. 
​Congress Rental supported a one-day event held at Jewel Changi Airport on 25th of April 2019 with their live polling keypads. Congress Rental supplied 300 Voting Keypads with an onsite technician assisting throughout the event. The devices enabled delegates to vote anonymously on a question displayed on the screen, with the answers presented on the screen.

Benefits of Keypad Solution

Benefits of Keypad Solution

  • Easy to use for the delegates

  • Excellent Presentation

  • Flexible to various graphing options and presentation format

  • Encourage active participation from the audience

  • Create relationships between the presenter and the audience


There was only one technician on-site to operate the keypads, software and tend to the requests of the delegates and client. This was only possible as the technician had expert knowledge and understanding of the devices.Overall the event was a success and the simplicity of the keypad suited the sit-down dinner event. 

Live polling devices
sit down dinner using live polling
live polling event

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