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Market Singapore Annual Convention 2017


The annual convention is held to provide delegates with knowledge and innovative methods to aid them in becoming great entrepreneurs. Market Singapore presented their latest enhancements & launched their newest products.

The convention allowed the delegates to take their business’ to new levels through learning from some of the top leaders in the franchise business. ​The best speakers were invited to share their journey of success in E-commence. With thousands of delegates attending the event, the session was conducted in both Mandarin and English dialects. Delegates that required interpretation were provided with FM receivers. 

The Congress Rental team liaised with the venue organisers the day before the event for booth installation and equipment testing. The senior Bosch-trained technician was on-site throughout the event to ensure that the event ran perfectly. Extra gear was also supplied to rectify any unforeseen errors that may have occurred.

​The event was an enormous success, and the client enjoyed a seamless experience. ​The interpreters sat in a soundproof booth, with the interpreter desks or interpreter consoles in front of them. They wore headsets which connected to the speakers microphones. The audio output was routed through the interpretation equipment to the transmitter, then connected to the FM antenna. 

Interested in learning more about FM Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment? 

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