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Remote interpretation enables interpreters to interpret from their homes, which is perfect for venues that have no space for extra booths or are in difficult to reach locations. No travelling is required therefore this solution reduces costs and suits short notice events.

Congress Rental supported a NUKSIN event attracting 2000 delegates at Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa on 24th of April 2019. Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian interpreters, located in their home locations, provided the language interpretation for the event. With this system, interpreters were able to interpret with a laptop and microphone whilst watching a live stream of the event. Delegates received the interpretation audio, live via Bosch Infrared Receivers.

Congress Rental installed and operated the event on-site, whilst providing remote support for each interpreter via the software.  

  • Flexibility in location

  • Maximising space at venues

  • Provide additional language interpretation on short notice 


Benefits of Remote Interpretation Solution


Technicians had to ensure that the software was operating smoothly so the interpreters were able to interpret effectively and accurately to the delegates. In order to do so, technicians worked closely with the interpreters before the event to ensure that they perform up to quality standard.Moreover, Congress Rental was on-site throughout the entire event to operate and assist the remote interpretation system. Technicians provided constant monitoring of the interpreters, listening to each of the audio channels to adjust the levels and ensure no drop-outs.The event was a complete success, and the client was incredibly satisfied with the remote interpretation service.

Interested in learning more about how Remote Interpretation will benefit your next event? 

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