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Shangri-La Dialogue 2015


Shangri-La Dialogue - Camera Integration

Technical Challenges & Solutions 

Multi- CCU
369 Microphones is more than the maximum limit of 245 microphones for a single CCU, so the 2 x 100 Full Function Concentus Microphones – CCU2’s were set-up in Master Slave configuration.

Multi PC

  • 1 x PC for the chairman to control the Queuing from the stage

  • 1 x PC as the Server.

  • 1 x PC for the Congress Rental Operator to support the chairman and tidying up the queue, located at the op’s area at the back of the room.

  • 1 x PC showing a synoptic view of the room, located at the Ops area, but distributed to the chairman to guide him where to look in the room to find the delegate speaking and also distributed to the video director in order that his cameramen can find the delegate more easily.

  • 1 x PC in the registration area to encode the smart cards

  • 1 x PC in the Ops area to test and check smart cards just in case there were problems (There weren’t any)

  • Smart Cards

  • This customer wanted the registration badge (Card) to also be the Access Card, so we needed to have 600 Cards specifically manufactured to the Bosch standard.

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