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33rd ASEAN Summit Singapore 2018


Congress Rental supports ASEAN Leaders for the second time

On the 11th – 15th of November 2018, ASEAN held its 33rd Summit and Related Summits to discuss the economic, political, security and socio-cultural development of South Asian countries. Congress Rental was chosen to support the Summit after the success of the previous, ASEAN Special Summit held in March 2018. The conference brought together leaders and delegates from Singapore, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, The United States, Canada, Australia, The Philippines and, India. To which the event was chaired by Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong. 

​Congress Rental supplied simultaneous interpretation equipment, conference microphones,360-degree vision via HD Dome Cameras, installed in multiple rooms across the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. ​Over the five days, there were simultaneous meetings and summits in four rooms including; prep meetings, higher level meetings, summits, breakfast and dinner summits, presentations and lunch retreats.  

The Summits

The layout of the Summits was in a square or rectangular formation with two HD Dome Camera’s, pre-programmed by Congress Rentals technicians to move and focus on the delegates as soon as they as they pushed the microphone button to speak. The DICENTIS microphones were used by the speakers, and the user interface was programmed to numerically match their specific country. Alongside this, Congress Rental technicians supported the floor via software mapping technology which allowed them to monitor microphone usage, correct user issues remotely and view interpreter performance.

Seventeen interpreter booths were set up behind the drapes to provide simultaneous interpretation feeds to the delegates and listening parties at the conference. These systems allowed for the leaders to listen to the interpretation via the headset plugged into the multimedia conference microphone and their selected language via the LCD touchscreen located on the unit. The languages interpreted were Burmese, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese. During the Summit the leader’s rapporteurs were also able to listen to the summit and meetings, through a headset and receiver which was tunable to any of the 12 languages. Congress Rental also supplied customized user instruction cards for these devices.

Side Meetings

Alongside the Summit was the bi-lateral meetings set up with wired conference microphones, immune from mobile interference. 11 simultaneous interpretation booths were set up for the interpreters which linked the feedback to the delegates who were listening through their BOSCH Receivers. 


The Congress Rental Singapore team overcame several challenges that rendered this event a success. The team was exceptionally responsive during the 5- day Summit and planned accordingly, to meet the client’s needs. There was late formal confirmation from Government, despite this Congress Rental planned and prepared anyway. During the event, there were last-minute changes which were easily covered as the team had additional equipment to ensure everything was covered.

​There was also effective communication between all teams as Congress Rental has existing relationships with most AV companies. We also have the most experience of any of the suppliers for ASEAN, so we were able to share these experiences with others to ensure the event was a success. 

Interested in learning more about our Simultaneous Interpretation System? 

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