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Asia's leading supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation Solutions

Congress Rental Singapore is a specialist provider of Simultaneous Interpretation equipment and will ensure the successful implementation of interpretation services at your next event. Our turnkey solutions make the process of adding Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) to a conference or meeting simple and stress free.

​From our office in Singapore, Congress Rental Asia can advise you on all aspects relating to the supply, installation and operation of Simultaneous Interpretation communication equipment.


Our liaison with your designated venue is seamless as we know most venues. We interface with your audio-visual company and we manage all areas of service, bump in, installation, operation and bump out in consultation with you, and without the need for supervision.


​Congress Rental also undertakes detailed project management for all projects, ensuring they remain headache free for clients. We also manage the freight including duties, customs, carnet’s and local delivery.

I would like to commend Alphonso and the Congress Rental team for their immerse support on interpretation services for our first virtual kick-off event. Not only were they professional, reliable and helpful towards our needs, they strived to provide excellent technical advice and walked us through contingency planning. Managing and coordinating the event with internal and external stakeholders (i.e. speakers, audience, presenters), logistics and production team can be dynamic and challenging.


Thankfully, Congress Rental understood our needs and provided insights that made our journey throughout the event a lot easier. I will strongly recommend Congress Rental as the holistic solution provider for interpretation support and hybrid planning event services, and definitely Alphonso as the to-go advisor.

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