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Leaders plenary

32nd ASEAN Leadership Summit 2018


Congress Rental Singapore Supports Another ASEAN Summit

From the 25th - 28th of April 2018, ASEAN held its 32nd Leadership Summit in Singapore to discuss strengthening regional economic resilience and cultivating innovation and coordination in the ASEAN digital economy. The conference brought together leaders across the Asia Pacific from Government, Business, Academia, Think Tanks and Civil Society sectors.

​The Congress Rental team supplied the simultaneous interpretation equipment, conference microphones and 360-degree dome camera integration throughout the four-day event. Equipment was installed in multiple rooms across the Shangri-La in Singapore. The main event, the ASEAN Summit Retreat, invited the ASEAN leaders to sit in a circular formation with Bosch DCIENTIS Wireless Microphones for the discussion. 

Unique Paging Keypad

Each leader was given a unique paging keypad programmed by Congress Rental technicians that enabled the leaders to call for a support person at any time during the meeting. The keypads were programmed to numerically match a specific country, so that the Congress Rental technicians could identify the exact delegate via the software mapping technology. 

​In the centre of the meeting layout, one Bosch 360- degree HD Dome Camera was set-up to provide a vision feed of each of the speakers. The camera was pre-programmed by Bosch-trained Congress Rental technicians to focus on the current speaker as soon as they pushed the microphone button to speak.

Congress Rental Singapore set-up nine ISO 4043- compliant interpreter booths with vision feeds behind drape at the back of the room that provided an interpretation feed to each of the delegates at the meeting. All 33 leaders were able to hear the audio feed via their Bosch Integrus receivers. The languages interpreted were English, Khmer, Bahasa Indonesia, Lao, Burmese, Thai and Vietnamese. 

ISTANA – The Retreat

In addition to the Leader’s Retreat, the ISTANA Leader’s Working Dinner Plenary also required complete conferencing solutions from Congress Rental Singapore. A further 11 Bosch Wired DICENTIS Microphones were set-up around a hollow square table to enable the discussion for the leaders. Another Bosch HD Dome Camera was set-up to provide the vision in a 360-degree radius around the table.

The Congress Rental team also set-up another 7 soundproof simultaneous interpretation booths with vision feeds in a remote outdoor area to provide the interpretation audio feeds to the delegates. 83 delegates listened to the remote feed via their Bosch Integrus Receivers. An additional 34 Bosch DICENTIS microphones and four Bosch HD Dome Camera were used for subsequent meetings that occurred throughout the four-day event.

The Congress Rental Singapore team overcame a number of challenges that rendered this event a success. The team were exceptionally responsive in meeting last-minute requirements for the event, such as supplying additional booths for the ISTANA Leader’s Working Dinner, overcoming the challenging venue layouts and working with a short-lead time for set-up and logistics. 

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